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StemFit For Differentiation

StemFit For Differentiation

StemFit For Differentiation (Diff.) is
chemically defined & animal-origin free (CD-AOF)
supplement for differentiation of human ES and iPS cells.

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Product Information
StemFit For Differentiation

StemFit For Diff. combined with StemFit medium for the hPSCs expansion can enable clinical applications of hPSC-derived cells/tissues by providing the CD-AOF culture systems for both hPSCs expansion and differentiation.
StemFit For Diff. is provided as a 5×concentrate and is intended to be used with basal medium (DMEM/F12、RPMI1640、DMEM etc.) and a variety of different induction factors or cytokines.

Product Information StemFit For Differentiation

— Materials Provided —

Volume Storage
100ml Store at below -20 °C

— Prepare Differentiation Basic Medium —

StemFit For Diff. is provided frozen and should be stored at below -20 °C until use. Use sterile techniques to prepare differentiation medium as follow.

1) Before use, thaw the frozen StemFit For Diff. with occasionally mixing at room temperature (15-25 °C) or overnight at 4°C.
CAUTION: Do not thaw StemFit for Diff. at 37 °C, as it accelerates the degradation of medium

2) Add 100 mL of StemFit For Diff. (5X) to 400 mL basal medium (DMEM/F12、RPMI1640、DMEM etc.) and mix thoroughly to make differentiation basic medium. If precipitations are observed, keep the bottle at room temperature and dissolve them.
Optional: StemFit For Diff. and differentiation basic medium may be aseptically aliquoted and stored at below -20 °C. Once thawed, they may be stored at 2-8 °C for up to 2 weeks (Do not re-freeze.). We recommend storing the medium protected from light.

3) To differentiate each lineage, induction factors or cytokines can be added as specified by differentiation protocols.

4) Before use, warm aliquots to room temperature and use immediately.



High consistencyEnables consistent cell differentiation

Free of undefined components (Serum, Human-derived component). Chemically defined composition minimizes lot-to-lot variation and enables consistent cell differentiation.

High consistency

High SafetyAnimal-origin free composition

Free of animal- and human-derived components.
Animal-origin free composition minimizes risk of immunogenic contamination.

High Safety

Lineage-specific differentiation

StemFit For Differentiation is useful for lineage-specific differentiation in replacement of serum-free supplement.

Endoderm (DE-Hepatocyte)
Mesoderm (Paraxial mesoderm, Septurn trasversum mesenchyme)
Ectoderm (Dopaminergic neuron : DAN)

Spontaneous differentiation

StemFit For Differentiation can support spontaneous differentiation of hiPSCs via EB formation.

Ectoderm (Dopaminergic neuron : DAN)

・Product Information & Protocol (PDF [1.2MB])

・SDS (PDF [111KB] )



  • Which basal medium can be used with StemFit For Differentiation (StemFit For Diff)? Stemfit For Diff. can be used with any Basal medium (DMEM, RPIM1640, DMEM/F12) which are used for iPS/ES cell differentiation  
  • What is the recommended final concentration of Stemfit For Diff.? We usually recommend final concentration of 20%. For example, mix 100 ml of StemFit For Diff. with 400 ml of basal medium to prepare differentiation basic medium. Lineage specific cytokines or small molecules should be added to differentiation basic medium.
  • Can I use StemFit For Diff. for all lineage? We have confirmed that StemFit For Diff. can be used for EB formation and directed differentiation for endodermal, mesodermal and ectodermal lineages. Please refer the product information . There are some cases where protocol optimization would be required. Please contact us directly for more information.
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