Feeder free medium for ES/iPS cells StemFit Basic02

Weekend free feeding – Let StemFit ® feed your cells while you enjoy your weekend


StemFit ® Basic02

StemFit Basic02 is a xeno-free, defined medium for human pluripotent stem cell culture.

StemFit ® Basic03

StemFit Basic03 is an animal-origin free, defined medium for human pluripotent stem cell culture.

Comparison table for StemFit Basic02 and 03

  StemFit Basic02 StemFit Basic03
Single-cell culture
Animal-origin free
Clinical research

(AK03N in japan)

cGMP in preparation

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Less frequent medium changing / Lower medium volume (6-well plate)

Superior growth performance on any matrices

Human 201B7 iPSCs grown on MEFs (feeder-dependent) were transitioned to feeder-free conditions with StemFit Basic02 or commercially available medium A on respective ECMs (1000 cells/cm2), and cultured for one week.

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Superior colony-forming efficiency from a single cell clone

Human iPSCs were adapted to StemFit Basic02, or commercially available medium A or B on Matrigel® for more than 3 passages. Then, cells were serially diluted and seeded with each medium on Matrigel®-coated 96-well plates at 1 cell/well or 10 cells/well. The number of seeded cells was counted after 3 hours, and colonies were counted at day 7.

Highly stable and reproducible single-cell and feeder-free culture system

Total fold expansion

Colony Morphology

Data from Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult in UK

Superior performance of StemFitAK03N for the culture of induced pluripotent stem cells
–Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult conducted the comparative cultivation testing in different culture systems–

basic02 basic03

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