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Ajinomoto provides a variety of growth factors for research use, as well as the further manufacturing of cell therapy products. Ajinomoto has more than 50 years of experience in producing proteins using bacteria, and this technology has enabled us to produce high quality, but low cost, growth factors. Ajinomoto follows a strict animal origin free (AOF) policy, and the PMDA has officially confirmed our product’s eligibility for use in clinical cell therapy production (in Japan). Furthermore, Ajinomoto’s growth factors are provided as a frozen liquid, which eliminates the time-consuming process of reconstitution, while ensuring consistent results. These features are highly-advantageous in the development, and manufacturing, of cell-therapy products.
CAUTION: Ajinomoto growth factors are not intended for human use.

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StemFit StemFit Protein Product brochure


Affordable price

Animal origin free

Regulatory compliance for
cell therapy products

Frozen form that is “ready-to-use”


Significant cost reduction of cell
manufacturing processes

High lot-to-lot consistency
・Expression system
・Refolding technology

Seamless transition from basic research
to clinical applications

Simplified protocols without

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  • Products not listed above may be available for contract manufacturing.
iPSC/ESC medium Differentiation medium MSC medium

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