Proposal of professional trading functions based on AEO

What is the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) program?

The AEO system is a system whereby trading companies with established cargo security management and compliance regimes are certified by Japan Customs.

Within international logistics, how to guarantee security and smooth out processes has become an international issue from the perspective of strengthening counter-terrorism measures. The World Customs Organization (WCO) has adopted the “AEO Guidelines,” a collection of guidelines set forth for customs to certify trade-related businesses that have demonstrated excellent compliance, thereby making the simplification of customs clearance procedures more convenient.

The AEO system was introduced in an effort to strengthen Japan’s international competitiveness. Ajinomoto Trading was approved as an “AEO Authorized Exporter” by Tokyo Customs in 2008.

We are able to propose to “AEO Authorized Exporters” a reduction in logistics costs and shortening of lead times through effectively utilizing mitigation and simplification measures in customs clearance based on a trusted in-house system certified by customs. Furthermore, we are able to propose reductions in customs duties within importing countries that fully utilize the economic / free trade partnership agreements (EPA, FTA) between various countries, as such agreements having been topics of discussion in recent times.

Benefits of an “AEO Authorized Exporter” certification

  • An export permit may be granted for cargo held in factories and warehouses outside of customs areas
  • Fewer document reviews and cargo inspections when making export declarations

Efforts to improve customer satisfaction

Utilizing the ISO 9001 quality management PDCA cycle, we continually carry out improvements and constantly work to improve product quality for customer satisfaction.