Message from the President

Ajinomoto Trading, Inc. was founded as Shin-Nippon Commerce, Inc. in 1954. Its purpose was exporting AJINOMOTO®, the monosodium glutamate-based umami seasonings, and other food products produced by Ajinomoto Co., Inc. In more than sixty years since then, as the parent company has extended its global reach, Ajinomoto Trading, Inc. has also firmly established a place for itself at the core of the Ajinomoto Group for trading business, including developing Southern Asia markets such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, exporting related equipment to overseas plants, locating and procuring raw materials overseas, and importing products and raw materials into the Japanese market.

In recent years, we have actively diversified business by using our extensive network with leading makers of agricultural and livestock products in Thailand, China, and other countries to work with customers, procure foodstuff materials, and manufacture processed food products on a consignment basis for import and sale in the Japanese market. In addition to foodstuff-related business, we also import and export pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic raw materials and other products, and globally sell unique chemical related products to synthetic leather makers and market functional products by making use of those channels, responding to a broader range of customer needs in business fields and products handled. We also provide distinctive services and products with deep local ties in Thailand and Canada through affiliated companies.

We will make maximum use of our unique corporate value (“business coordination functions” that create organic links to business opportunities throughout Japan and overseas by leveraging our eight core competencies) developed over long years of experience to achieve even further development as a reliable solutions-oriented trusted trading company that provides functions in a timely and flexible manner to an even broader range of stakeholders in response to constantly changing market needs.

As a member of the Ajinomoto Group, whose aim is to become “a global food and amino acid products company from its origin in Japan,” Ajinomoto Trading will contribute to enhancing people’s future lives in terms of their diet and health.

Hiroyuki Hayashi