Corporate Philosophy and Vision

As the core trading company of the Ajinomoto Group, Ajinomoto Trading will contribute to maximizing the value chain by making the greatest possible use of “octagon management,” creating organic links to business opportunities inside and outside the Ajinomoto Group, and providing creative solutions.

Conceptual Diagram of “Octagon Management”

What is “Octagon Management”?

We refer to the eight main resources and functions accumulated through our business activities as core competencies. The distinctive feature of Ajinomoto Trading is its business coordination function, which combines necessary core competencies according to customer needs and proposes customized business schemes. Through this type of business coordination, we strive to propose positive value by using octagonal management to realize customers’ diverse business opportunities.

Core Competencies


  • Arrangement of brokerage and trading services according to needs
  • Order receiving and placement and supply and demand management services performed on behalf of customers using backbone information systems
  • Regulatory support and advice functions when dealing with import/export trading partners
  • Acquisition of AEO certification


  • Supply and demand and inventory management services
  • Overseas warehouse operation
  • Normal temperature, low temperature, and pharmaceutical-compatible transportation
  • Quality assurance and compliance with religious requirements


  • Flexible settlement terms and C/F support
  • Transactions in various currencies
  • Forward exchange contract management

Risk Management

  • Credit management for overseas trading partners
  • Risk coverage during transportation and storage
  • Compliance with laws and regulations in each country (contract preparation)


  • Networks that extend through the wide range of diverse transactions inside and outside the Ajinomoto Group
  • Wide range of transactions from foodstuffs to fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and machinery
  • Employees with overseas representative experience and foreign employees

Purchasing & Procurement

  • Identification of new materials and new suppliers
  • Regular quality assessments based on ASQUA
  • Procurement and maintenance of diverse machinery and materials
  • Established track record of business with overseas suppliers


  • Proposals on new business opportunities
  • Expertise in trade practice and knowledge regarding products
  • Collection and analysis of regulatory information in various countries

Overseas Business Management

  • Record of developing business in new markets (India, Pakistan, and other countries)
  • Overseas corporation operation and management (Ajitrade [Thailand] Co., Ltd., Kenney & Ross Limited)
  • Support of the global operations of Ajinomoto Group companies