Feeder free medium for ES/iPS cells StemFit Basic03

Product Information : StemFit Basic03

StemFit Basic03 is an animal-origin free, defined medium for human pluripotent stem cell culture. This medium is capable of reprogramming, maintaining and differentiating human ES and iPS cells under feeder-free culture conditions.

Materials Provided1

Component Volume Storage
Liquid A 400ml Store at below -20 °C
Liquid B 100ml Store at below -20 °C

Media Preparation

StemFit Basic03 is provided frozen as a 2 component set containing “Liquid A” and “Liquid B” and can be stored at below -20 °C until use. Use sterile techniques to prepare StemFit Basic03 medium.

1) Before use, thaw the frozen “Liquid A” and “Liquid B” with occasionally mixing at room temperature (15-25 °C). 2

2) Aseptically mix medium components by adding the full volume of “Liquid B” to “Liquid A”. Mix thoroughly. If prepared aseptically, StemFit Basic03 is ready for use.

3) Upon thawing, StemFit Basic03 medium may be aseptically aliquoted and stored at below -20 °C.34

4) Before use, warm aliquots to room temperature and use immediately.

bFGF not contained

This product does not contain basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF)

not 37°C

Do not thaw, “Liquid B” at 37 °C, as it accelerates the degradation of medium ingredients.


Thawed StemFit Basic03 medium may be stored at 2-8 °C for up to two weeks.

not Light

We recommend storing the medium protected from light

Precaution and Disclaimer

StemFit Basic03 is for research use only and is not for diagnostic use, therapeutic use (including clinical research), or as a food.

For Research Use Only. Not Intended For Human or Animal Diagnostic or Therapeutic Uses

Product Information (PDF [268kB])

SDS (PDF [520kB] )

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